Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility

With Erasmus+ traineeship mobility, students can apply in order to have vocational training and/or get working experience in a company/institution which is located in one of the program countries.


Please bear in mind that:

Traineeship activity cannot be used to carry out academic and scientific studies such as research assignments or analysis studies within the scope of a specific curriculum. Activities conducted by students in order to complete or support their own scientific studies like scientific researches and projects are not accepted as internship activities. In order for these activities to be accepted as traineeship activities, they should be carried out as professional activities that are economically viable in the related sector, not in academic studies.

The following organizations are not eligible for Erasmus + traineeship activity:

Make sure that traineeship activity will be recognized by the departments upon successfully completion. 

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Vocational School students, Undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. students registered at Bingöl University as full-degree students at the time of application
  • Applicants must complete at least one semester at Bingöl University
  • Each student can apply both for Erasmus+ study mobility and for traineeship. 
  • 4th year students can also apply for traineeship and they can do their traineeship following their graduation. 

What are Selection Criteria?

Applicants must be registered at Bingöl University as full-degree undergraduate or graduate students at the time of application.

Undergraduate students must have completed at least one academic year and graduate students must have completed at least one semester and have a valid CGPA score. Undergraduate students should have at least 2,2 CGPA, Graduate students should have at least 2,5 CGPA. English Proficiency is required and the proficiency score is specified during each application period.  

Having completed the 1st semester of the 1st grade (Many workplaces would require the applicants to be a senior student or a recent graduate. Due to this, applying for mobility at earliest during the second grade is highly recommended.)

Students can also attend the mobility as a recent graduate. For this, applications should be made during the senior year.

Placement Procedure

Placement is made according to the application grade ranking of all traineeship applicants and the quota of the traineeship grant. Annual traineeship grants can only finance minimum 2 months and maximum 3 months. 

Students entitled to traineeship grant find the workplace individually. Students in the waiting list can be placed in case that the official candidates cancel their mobility.

Selecting the Workplace and Individual Applications

Students entitled to grant pursue their traineeship search and applications independently from the International Office. For the selection of the destination country and organization, students are advised to consult the Erasmus Departmental Coordinators. Especially in case that the traineeship is planned to be transferred as part of the curriculum of the study program, students cannot decide without an advice from the faculty.

While applying to the workplaces, students should send their résumé and a cover letter prepared attentively and indicates that the traineeship is intended to be realized as part of a granted mobility program.

Documents to be Prepared

  • Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeship document fully signed.
  • Credit Transfer Table (In the case that the traineeship will be recorded in student's transcript as a mandatory practice or an elective course)
  • Official Acceptance Letter from the workplace
  • Visa / Residence Permit Procedures and Departure Documents
  • If officially entitled to receive Erasmus+ grant, only after the submission of all departure documents, the first phase of OLS assessment will be done and thus the transfer of the grant will be realized. Upon the official letter concerning the grant transfer is written by our office, the transfer can take up to 2 weeks.  

Departure Procedure and Documents

  • Erasmus+ Mobility Grant Agreement
  • A copy of the completely signed Learning Agreement for Traineeship "Before the Mobility" section
  • The original Course Transfer Table fully signed (If not graduated)
  • A copy of Halkbank Euro account book
  • A copy of health insurance policy and liability insurance policy valid in the destination country and for the whole duration of the stay
  • A copy of the Letter of Acceptance
  • OLS (Online Linguistic Support) first assessment.

Arrival in the Workplace

  • The Confirmation of Exchange document ( Arrival – Departure Form) needs to be filled out, signed and stamped by the responsible person of the receiving institution
  • If the traineeship duration or responsibilities will change after mobility, the During Mobility section of the Learning Agreement should be updated.

Return Procedure and Documents

If the traineeship is carried out as a part of a traineeship course defined in the curricula of a current student; thus, it will be recognized and the activity will be recorded in the transcript upon the return.

Students who finish their mobility should submit the following documents to our office for the course transfers:

  • Both Arrival and Departure sections of "Confirmation of Exchange (Stay)" document signed and stamped by the responsible person at the workplace.
  • Traineeship report approved by the workplace 
  • Original Course Transfer Table filled out according to the course to be claimed (if any) with all signatures. 
  • Together with the submission of these documents, the second OLS assessment and the online participant report by the European Commission need to be completed, both of which will be automatically sent to the students e-mail address after the return.