Erasmus+ Study Mobility

Erasmus+ KA103 is an EU program intended to promote student and faculty mobility and encourage cross-border cooperation between European universities. Grants are available for exchange programs and also for student internships. Students studying abroad in the 28 EU member countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the FYR of Macedonia, and Turkey are eligible to apply for Erasmus+ grants.

Undergraduate students must have completed at least one academic year and graduate students must have completed at least one semester of their academic program at the time of application.

Applications are received regularly for the following academic year and this means that a 1st-year student accepted for Erasmus+ attends the university abroad (host university) in his/her second year in either fall or spring semester.

Participating in the Erasmus+ program does not mean the student is transferring to another university. Students can participate in the Erasmus+ program for a maximum of 12 months. Students must return to Bingöl University at the end of the Erasmus period and complete their program at Bingöl University. 

Mobility is conducted according to the minimum and maximum duration of time determined by the European Commission. Study mobility should be a minimum of 3 months or 1 trimester, a maximum of 12 months. Bingöl University students usually are able to spend a semester (3 to 5 months) at one of the partner universities.

A student may receive Erasmus mobility grants for a maximum of 12 months in any study cycle (Bachelor/ Master/PhD).

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Applicants must be registered at Bingöl University as a full-degree undergraduate or graduate students at the time of application.

Undergraduate students must have completed at least one academic year and graduate students must have completed at least one semester and have a valid CGPA score. They must also continue studies at the same level at Bingöl University in the following year, i.e. the year of the exchange.

Students studying in the English Language Preparatory Class are not eligible to apply.

Undergraduate students should have at least 2,2 CGPA, Graduate students should have at least 2,5 CGPA. English Proficiency is required and the proficiency score is specified during each application period.  

The student must not have been on an Erasmus+ exchange for more than a total of 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor’s, Master’s and research studies are counted separately), including the time period applied for in this application. Maximum period is 24 months for students studying at the School of Medicine.

Within Erasmus+ study mobility full recognition is provided. The courses described at the Learning Agreement will be recognized by Bingöl University when the students turn back. For one semester 30 ECTS and for two semesters 60 ECTS will be recognized.  

Erasmus+ students enroll in their own University in Turkey, freezing their registration for the semester they will spend abroad is out of the question. Registration and tuition fees are paid to their own institution to which they are enrolled, no registration or tuition fee is paid to the host institution. However, the host institution can claim a small number of payments from Erasmus+ students (except for the registration and tuition fee) such as membership fee to sports facilities or transportation, etc.

Important Note    

  • Erasmus program is not a "foreign language learning program".
  • Erasmus program is not just a "scholarship" program.
  • Erasmus program is not a "diploma" program.

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